Dawn of War 3 is out now!


In case you hadn’t heard, I quite like the Dawn of War RTS games. Now you know that, you might be interested to find Dawn of War 3 is available now!

There’s just a couple of things you might care about.

It Has Always Online DRM, Sort Of

Rock Paper Shotgun posted an article about the Always-Online DRM that Dawn of War 3 uses. It’s pretty straightforward, but here it is broken down for you.

Playing the single-player campaign while connected to the Relic servers rewards you with XP and in-game currency (Skulls).
Those Skulls can be used to buy stuff for the online multiplayer modes.
If you choose not to connect (or you disconnect for more than 90 seconds) you can still continue to play but won’t earn Skulls.
There is a Reconnect button if you want to get back into it.

The Main Multiplayer Mode is MOBA-like

If you haven’t already watched my Dawn of War 3 multiplayer beta video (I apologise for the frame rate towards the end) then why not? I show off what I think will be the main online mode in Dawn of War 3. It’s a cool mode that creates a fairly rigid structure for the match. You need to disable a shield, then take out a gun turret and then finally destroy a power core. If you’ve played a MOBA-like game before then you’ll get on fine. But if you expect to roll out troops and steamroll the enemy base you’ll be disappointed.

Then again, I’m assuming there will be a normal Deathmatch option as well. It just wasn’t in the beta. I don’t have my copy of DoW3 yet, but even if I did I couldn’t play it yet because we’re having our apartment floor replaced so everything is unplugged. This war will have to wait.

Purchase Links

We both know you’ll probably get it on Steam, but here’s some other options too.

Steam // Bundle Stars // Green Man Gaming

You’re welcome 🙂