Most Wanted Games of 2017


I share some details of the games I’m watching in 2017. Not necessarily the biggest names or the best games, but a few that I think will be interesting.

Dead Cells

Developer Motion Twin
Release Date 2017

Right now, Dead Cells is one of the most interesting prospects for the new year. It has some of my favourite features – procedural generation, side-scrolling adventure and brutal combat. Motion Twin hasn’t made any games that have blown my mind in the past, so I’m hoping Dead Cells is the one that will.


Developer Capybara Games
Release Date TBC

I’ve been interested in Below for such a long time I can’t even remember. I love the graphical style and (of course) the procedural generation. Unfortunately the release date keeps getting pushed back, so I don’t know when we’re going to see it!

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine

Developer Dim Bulb Games
Release Date TBC

That art style though! It’s like Van Gogh in video game form! To be honest I don’t know much more about WTWTLW (that’s a weird acronym) beyond the “bleak folk tale” description, but it looks gorgeous and the soundtrack is going to be amazing.


Developer Phoenix Labs
Release Date 2017

Co-op monster hunting and survival from some of the team who worked on Bioshock. That’s some heritage right there and I’ve got high hopes. I haven’t seen any gameplay yet though, but the artwork is really beautiful.


Developer Arachnid Games
Release Date 2 Feb 2017

A submarine exploration game inspired by Jules Verne with real-time combat, FTL-like crew management and RPG elements. From that alone it sounds awesome. Fingers crossed it won’t sink (hah, puns).

A Place for the Unwilling

Developer AL Pixel Games
Release Date TBC

A Place for the Unwilling describes itself as “Sunless Sea meets Majora’s Mask in a living city”. As if the hand drawn art style isn’t enough to sell you, those 9 words should definitely help. Just got through Greenlight, so will hopefully be on Steam soon.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer Guerrilla Games
Release Date 28 Feb 2017

I’ve been looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn since the first trailer. I loved the theme, with primitive weapon crafting against killer robots. I like the idea of more strategic boss fights and a beautiful, bright open world. I haven’t seen much more than that yet, but it was enough to get me excited.