My Favourite PS4 Games


This frequently updated page lists my favourite games on PlayStation 4, an evolving top-5 list of the games I think are the best the PS4 has to offer.

PlayStation 4: My Favourites

Here is the list of my favourite games on PS4 right now. If a game is multiplatform, this represents the platform I’ve played it on most.

Uncharted 4

I’ve loved the Uncharted games since the beginning, despite some of the flaws it has. The shooting, for example. Uncharted 4 improves that and gives all of the characters more backstory to make it easily the best of the series. Incredible facial detail and a solid story elevate this to the top of my list.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is probably the most immersive and involving game I’ve ever played. The world is packed with detail, the factions, races and classes are totally on point and the combat is fantastic. You never run out of things to do and thankfully the quests are all different enough to be interesting. Maybe a little bit too much of a focus on collecting flowers, but it doesn’t stop this being one of the best games of all time.


Despite the game hating me, I really enjoyed Demon’s Souls back on PS3. I still haven’t played a Dark Souls game, but with Bloodborne I feel I don’t need to. Movement is surprisingly quick, but combat still feels brutal and unforgiving. The relentless bleak nature of it can sometimes put me off, but it’s so incredibly engaging. I’d love to do a live stream to get help from the community!

Rocket League

Rocket League is still one of the most fun sports games you can play. The combination of football (or soccer, if you prefer) and rocket powered cars is almost flawless. The amount of DLC is starting to fragment the community a little, but you can still reliably find games even without paying for any of the extras.

The Last of Us

I’m not normally a fan of stealth games and to be honest I never actually finished The Last of Us, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking that the story and characters are fantastically well realised. Zombie games can feel trite and loaded with cliches, but thankfully The Last of Us doesn’t suffer from that too much.

17 Jan 2017 First version. Added Uncharted 4, The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Rocket League & The Last of Us
Please Note: Only games I’ve actually played qualify to be added to this list