Upcoming Site Changes


I’m planning some tweaks to this site. I’m assuming they’ll roll out without anyone noticing. But just in case, here’s the explanation.

Tweaks & Quality of Life Changes

I set this site up as a side-effect of registering my domain. I wanted a TLD email address and I had the feeling that the odd person might decide to check out the domain itself. But unlike previous versions (both here and the old Rock Star Gamers site), I never wanted Dajmin.com to be the focus. I didn’t want to draw traffic here because I believe the time of written content is coming to an end.

That said, I never really got out of the habit of updating the site as often as possible. I keep posting each individual YouTube video as a whole new post. And it only just occurred to me that I’m wasting time. That’s time I could be spending on way more important stuff. And that drove me to change my attitude.

No More Video Posts

Simple, right? I won’t have each video as a standalone post. It makes sense (to me) because in a long video series, having a single video post doesn’t make it easy to watch the whole series. And that’s not very user-friendly. So I’ll keep updating the main let’s play page as an archive, but I won’t be going crazy trying to post for every new video that I upload. It’s better for both of us 🙂

Goodbye Homepage Slider

Because I won’t have new posts to feature, the current homepage slider will be redundant. I’m a big fan of sliders because they’re fun and interesting to look at. Any time I’ve removed them in the past I’ve ended up with a seriously text-heavy page that’s totally boring. Thankfully this time I’ve had a much better idea. It won’t be as interactive, but it will be interesting to look at – and I can update it pretty easily when I feel it’s getting old. This is only going to benefit me, but it’s refreshing my HTML5 knowledge and that is a good thing!

All of the old links should continue to work as they always have, so we shouldn’t end up with any dead ends. I already have everything in place ready to go. I don’t know when the change will happen, but it’s definitely coming soon!